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Real Estate Agent Identity Video             

Jewelry Store Video                                                   BCIFF Laurel OM 2014         

Chiropractic Video

Funeral Home Video

Dance Performance Sample

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“Debbie Johnson and crew were professional, efficient, and made the entire process relaxed. As a rookie to this media she made me feel very comfortable.  The end product was above my expectations. A fantastic experience!”             

    Dr. Fred Clary, chiropractor

You’ll love the way we start by learning about you, your business, and who your market is. You and your business need to sparkle on screen and we won’t stop until you do!

“Video Heroes is awesome! Debbie Johnson and her crew were wonderful to work with. Debbie is very detailed and thorough in creating a video script based on my personality and style so the video represented who I am and what I wanted to communicate to prospective clients. The whole process was stress-free and actually very enjoyable. The quality of the video is outstanding and will be a great addition to my advertising mix. Thanks again for a great video.”    

    Lisa Norton, Real Estate Agent, Edina Realty

What You Get for What You Give:

Quality videos for as little as $500, depending on production choices

  1. Marketing Consulting/Assessment to get best result (takes one hour at most) Debbie is marketing and business consulting of over 30 years.
  2. Writing Commercial or Training Script based on your market and most popular/most watched commercial types and your business needs.
  3. Casting, wardrobe, makeup, location management, catering, admin., and all pre-production needs.
  4. Directing and Filming, post-production including basic special effects, as needed.
  5. Help with where to place commercial or video for best results for your budget, if desired.
  6. First consultation about doing the video is free, and all video expenses covered, including cast.
  7. Editing Video to your specifications as you desire, making sure your company is represented well and you are happy.

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