*The Power of Video:

According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. Product videos are slowly becoming the most liked and critical source of information amongst shoppers around the world. Here’s why:

1 – Better Optimization – YouTube is the most effective platform to host products videos, and YouTube is now owned by Google, so it’s no surprise that Google structures its search results to prioritize sites with videos. And, because Google displays “mix search” results, with better optimization of your product videos, your products or services have a better chance of ranking well. Therefore, with better keywords of your videos filename, description, title and tags; your products and service will rank higher in Google which will automatically drive-in more sales.

2 –Visuals are enticing and easy to digest, as there is little brain use required when compared to text. Product video allows you to engage shoppers who may have left your site if content conveyed only though text.

3 – Convey more in less time – Product videos give shoppers more information in less time, unlike text content. A minimum 500 word blog may not entice a shopper to read it, but a five minute video can make a huge difference. Highlighting your products to shoppers through videos will surely attract more customers than what a blog may drive-in, allowing customers way more information about what your products look like, making purchase decisions quick and on-the-go.

4 – Video sharing is the “buzzword” – With the sudden rise of social networking sites, it shows that more users are likely to share video content over old-fashioned text content. Therefore, retailers should take advantage of this potential source over social networking sites like “Facebook,” “LinkedIn,” as well as video-sharing sites like “Instagram” to offer product exposure effectively. The more people “share” and “like” your product videos, the more you start getting inquiries and chances for converting that inquiry into a sale. The buzzword today is “video-marketing!”

*Excerpted From Article by Savio Fernandes, May 6, 2014, Orherhive – “Can Product Videos Help to Increase Your eCommerce Sales?”

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