Vital Video Uses:

According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. And according to Smart Insights, simply stating that the piece of content is a video appears to increase engagement across all channels.

1. Absolutely vital on your home page, right at the top. You may get more business almost immediately.
2. Facebook ads – anyone talking about your type of service/product for any reason will see it in your targeted demographic area, and you can limit to age group, gender, etc. Pay per click.
3. Mobile ads – target market.
4. Movie theater ads – you’ll reach a younger, working crowd, and the single crowd.
5. YouTube for SEO.
6. Web ads on sites that draw your target market in area of town you want. Google ads work based on pay-per-click. Mediacom has a department that helps with all these types of ads, including #7:
7. Television ads in a tight local area on a cable channel that fits your demographic.

To download and print Vital Video Uses, click on this PDF File.