Wedding Videos

Wedding Videos

Your Hollywood Wedding VideoEngagement

You’ll love watching your wedding video each time you want to remember just where your life together started, including your first date and/or engagement! You’ll re-live the love and affection that sparked the romance between you and bonded you for life.

How is that possible? Movie magic from international award-winning filmmakers, Debbie Johnson and Nick Michael, plus a talented crew of special effects and original music score masters as needed.

What You Get for $900 – $4,900, depending on your budget and desires:

Wedding coupleAccording to your budget, we will custom design a video that will be what you want it to be. After meeting and listening to your desires, we’ll fulfill your vision to our best ability within your budget. We may even use special effects to re-create the feeling you want from the scenes most dear to your heart, leading up to, during, and after your wedding.

  • Coverage can begin before your wedding with one or more re-enactment scene(s) and/or interviews with bride and groom such as acting out how your met (includes hiring actors as needed for separate roles, like servers, etc.), engagement scene, and/or friends and relatives chosen to interview. Four or more hours.After wedding
  • One or more (depending on budget) cameras at wedding and reception.
  • Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, including interviews with wedding party. If budget allows, after honeymoon stories.
  • May include Preparation or decoration of the ceremony and reception locations and the bridal party getting dressed, ending after some coverage of the reception.
  • Can Include custom music, titles and on-screen menus; a photo montage (from a formal portrait sitting or personal photos of the couple) if you wish, which can be shown at the wedding if screen available.
  • Possible to shoot post-honeymoon time at home, talking about bride and grooms impressions of wedding as well as honeymoon location, etc.
  • Can also video coming home from honeymoon (carrying over the threshold?)
  • Always Includes planning sessions with the couple.

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Our Sample Reel:  HughesHighlight.mp4